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Did Internet kill the Video Star?

We’ve all seen the ad. We all know the music. We all can recite the words that flash up on our screens.

“You wouldn’t steal a car”…

Well yes, but if i could download it, then I would.

And there lies the attitude that nearly all young people have when downloading music, or television, or movies. If it’s there and readily available, then why not make the most of the opportunity. When that ad flashes up at the start of a movie, how many people actually take notice of it? How many people actually think that they are actually ‘stealing’ the movie.

Now more than ever people are downloading movies and watching them on their computers, costing television companies viewers and money. As a result, TV stations aren’t able to afford new shows, and people download them instead. The cycle continues.

The I.T crowd, a comedy on BBC, does a spoof on that ad in one of their episodes.

Obviously this is a take-off of how serious the advert is, and an exaggeration of the repercussions of downloading off the internet. The ending where the girl is shot in the head is spoofing how serious the ad is, and taking it to a whole new level. However, as soon as the piracy advert finishes, one of the characters turns the light on to reveal that they are watching it a living room of some sort, possibly a pirated version, making the advert completely redundant.

But the question remains, what would be the point in buying a DVD, when it would be just as easy to download one of the Internet. File-sharing has become even more common now. Despite the shut-down of Limewire, various torrents sites dominate the internet, and are impossible to shut down. It is unbelievably easy to watch whatever movie or television show you want on your computer, so why bother doing anything else.

Now, does this move away from television necessarily affect the popularity of television shows? Television has gone away from being a family time, to being a personal time to watch television. At my house, there is very rarely a time when we all watch the TV together. Myself and my brother watch television on the computer, and Mum usually watches all her television on Foxtel. With such a range of options, we find ourselves watching much less of free-to-air television, but much more television as a whole.

On a personal level, I watched all four seasons of the IT crowd within two weeks. There is no way this would ever happen without the availability of the Internet. Despite less television ratings, people are watching more television than ever before and obviously this is a disaster for the television companies.

The Buggles once sang that video killed the radio star. The idea that once television came along, those who used to be heard on the radio lost popularity. Well, now that the Internet has come along, does that spell the death of the video star? Not at all, due to the fact that we are watching more television, it enhances the reputation of the video star. Barney from How I met Your Mother is a cult figure with a huge reputation, or Dexter Morgan, the serial killer in Dexter.

Are the piracy ads going to stop downloads? Highly unlikely. Will piracy of television shows create a negative effect on television companies profits? Most likely. Will the internet kill the video star? Not a chance.

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  1. May 22, 2011 at 11:24 pm

    Piracy. well, that’s a heavy word. I really like your line:
    “You wouldn’t steal a car”…

    Well yes, but if i could download it, then I would..

    it’s totally true..(well, at least for me).
    and yeah, piracy is really hard to be stopped!

  2. May 24, 2011 at 6:01 am

    maaannnn i love the it crowd. i wish you were more like moss, henry coz i’d like you a lot more…i joke. hey nice use of the word “redundant”. i think you make a good point about all of us having at some point stopped worrying about the ‘DANGER DANGER YOU’RE BEING ILLEGAL’ messages because we are convinced that the sites are impossible to shut down anyway; we might as well keep validating something that can’t be stopped.
    i agree that i also watch tv solely on the internet now, but i kind of miss both family viewing time and having to wait a whole extra week and several commercial breaks before that cliffhanger is resolved. i think it contributed to the sense of fandom tv shows once had – ratings for everything are dropping.

  3. May 26, 2011 at 12:32 am

    Hi Henry!! I completely agree that the video star is not going to decrease in popularity or fame due to the proliferation of the internet-now with ad-free online streaming available, I watch more TV than I probably should-but I DO think it spells the end of some of the economic aspects of the industry. I already notice a lot of my favourite shows turning to product placement in order to make money (e.g. drinking Vitamin water, using T-mobile cell phones). The loss of advertising revenue is certainly going to have an outcome for the industry.

  4. June 5, 2011 at 7:45 pm

    Your title really attracts mine attention

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