Analyse critically the following statement by Mark Zuckerberg while comparing it to privacy issues raised by online social networking collaborative practices:

Privacy is undoubtedly a huge factor controlling our lives in such a digital age. Recent events involving the Brocial Network is a perfect example of how fickle privacy can be in the 21st Century. In this video, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, tells us that people are more inclined to share when they have control over what they are sharing, a specific reference to the changed privacy settings where you can control what information is on your wall.

Well, this is all good in theory, but doesn’t the Brocial Network completely put to shame this idea? The girls are still comfortable with what they are sharing, yet there are always those couple of people who are able to spread onto a group where thousands of people can look.

Very funny video regarding facebook privacy:

I myself have had a run in with a privacy issue recently. One day i was ‘fraped’ (facebook raped, where someone gains access to your account and posts embarrasing/ funny things posing to be you), and this girl made an embarrassing status. Not long after, my mum (who I am not friends with on Facebook) saw it. She told my Dad, and that night he sent me a text advising to take it down.

Well, needless to say, I made my Facebook much more private. Not specifically because of that status, but because of the idea that my mum is constantly stalking me, watching my every move. After this move, to be fair to Zuckerberg, I feel much more comfortable with what I can and can’t put on my Facebook. So from personal experience, I believe he is somewhat right in this regard.

OK, so suppose that people do have control with what they are sharing, and we disregard that small population of people who take advantage of people’s private information and photos by opening them up publicly. Zuckerberg still states that in a ‘more open world, many of the biggest problems we face together will become easier to solve.’

Hang on… it will become a more open WORLD? The problems we face TOGETHER? It seems like he is claiming that the entire facebook population is striving to overcome difficulties as a unit. As he is talking to the entire facebook population, all 600 million, he is essentially putting us all into on group as we strive to overcome these hypothetical ‘problems’.

So then, why would we bother keeping anything private? If a more open world will be the answer to our ‘biggest problems’ (I’m assuming this covers disease, hunger, terrorism, the environment) then surely we let everyone see all our information. I’m assuming that if we all did this, then all these big problems would disappear.

To be honest, I believe Zuckerberg has missed a crucial step in his logic. He is saying that being more private individually will make us more public globally, which is a flawed conclusion.

More to come on Facebook privacy, namely how they store and retrieve your information.








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