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Are blogs selfish??

Lovink (Reader, page 222) also argues that: “No matter how much talk there is of community and mobs, the fact remains that blogs are primarily used as a tool to manage the self”.

So this might seem a tad hypocritical, but blogs are essentially a tool for those who think they are overly important. It’s a chance for these people to announce to the world what they are doing, and how they think about certain topics. Then, if your lucky, you will have other people who think exactly like you and say how good the article was, or people will disagree and berate you for having the wrong opinion.

Some people treat their blog like a diary, going through what they have done on a certain day, or highlighting the details of one of their trips. In all fairness to these people, is it really necessary to let everyone on WordPress know how your trip away was!!! These are people you don’t even know, and to reveal personal information seems to be blowing your own trumpet in a way.

I mean, on some level i can understand that other people would be interested if they are considering having a holiday at the location, but other blogs are just completely ridiculous.


I definitely encourage you to read that one; it is nothing short of hilarious (and not very long). Now THAT is completely unnecessary. This blog would be more appropriate to put into a photo album, or maybe even a letter to Meg, especially those last few lines. “I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see you graduate and go take on the world! I’m 100% confident you are going to do wonderful things”


No need to tell the entire world that you are proud of your….(not quite sure of the relationship). And yet, this blog has 92 likes and 103 comments, all saying how lovely the blog is! I must be missing something her….


Wait I got it!

So, whilst these may band together as a ‘community’ and support each other, people still create blogs to fulfil their own satisfaction of letting other people know what they are doing, and what is happening in their lives. Even though a lot of the time these people will be strangers, they will still enjoy the blog, to continue the masquerade of a community. And all the while everyone continues to update their blog as a diary, in order to manage their own self  and to keep tabs of their own lives, making themselves feel better. Blogs are slowly transforming into a personal diary, or even a photo album; not a way of informing people on certain topics.

A blog is essentially a diary that is online, but wait, a diary is private, but a blog is overwhelmingly public. Something is wrong here. So why bother doing a blog if it is a public diary? I believe that it is purely for self satisfaction.

What really annoys me is that because this blog doesn’t have bright pink dresses and lots of pictures, it won’t get 103 likes. Oh well, that’s the way it should be I guess.













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