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Privacy on Facebook

So there was a lot of furore not long ago that Facebook was changing it’s privacy settings, meaning it was changing what it kept in its hard drive. Essentially, the rumour was going around that Facebook was keeping everything that you ever did, and was storing it. This would be used for advertising, or just in case a problem arose later on regarding the lawyers (i’m guessing on that one but it would make sense).

So reading Facebook’s privacy policy there were some interesting things that popped up. Take a look at the video that was posted in my blog two posts ago, and there is mention of how Facebook is ‘following’ us. That it is tracking every move we make.

This is an extract straight out of the privacy policy:

“We never share your personal information with our advertisers. Facebook’s advert targeting is done entirely anonymously. If advertisers select demographic targeting for their adverts, Facebook automatically matches those adverts to the appropriate audience. Advertisers only receive anonymous data reports.”

Now they say it might be done completely anonymously, but I’m sure this doesn’t change the fact that we have some form of ‘Facebook number’, so that the right advertising goes to the right people. Or possibly an IP address? Whatever it is, there must be some sort of tracking system so that the advertising goes to the right demographic, otherwise how else would they know where it would go?

Yet the fact that they are sending advertising that matches our personality seem like a breach of our personal space. I believe it does, as it is deliberately assumes that this is what we are interested in. Furthermore, it is slowly turning Facebook into a money-making machine instead of a site for people to connect with each other, as it was originally intended.

However, in saying this, I’m not worried about Facebook ‘tracking’ us, as it isn’t too hard to delete an ad. And really, i don’t think they are going to use the information against us in any way.

Till next time.


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