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The Viral Video Star.

Burgess and Green argue that: ordinary people who become celebrities through their own creative efforts “remain within the system of celebrity native to, and controlled by, the mass media” (Reader, page 269)

With the arrival of youtube in the 21st Century, we’ve also seen the arrival of the self-made celebrity. People who have uploaded videos of themselves that have become massive hits. Sometimes these are viral videos, sometimes they are video blogs. Whatever they are, it is safe to say that they are considerably less talented than ‘regular’ celebrities.

Take this bloke here, for example:

No talent, no wit, not even funny, and yet this video has 52 million s views? ‘Fred’ is now a celebrity that is controlled through the Internet, namely through youtube. Instead of being a part of the real world, Fred is a product of the Internet, he is a result of a media technology. He is simply an ordinary person who has sped up a video too make his voice really high.

Fred is ‘controlled by mass media’ and is now captive to the Internet. Most people would agree that he is not really a ‘celebrity’ but more of a youtube sensation, a fad if you will. It is through his own creative efforts that he has become a celebrity, not through his talent as a performer, and this is why his fame is only know in the community of youtube. I would be extremely surprised if ‘Fred’ made any headlines out side of those relating to Youtube, and I would severely doubt he has any ‘celebrity status’ whatsoever.

Now, another video that should be considered is the viral video of the Star Wars Kid.

This is funny, but only because of his his own misfortune. Again, Star Wars Kid is an Internet icon, and is estimated to have been viewed 900 million times. This is an extraordinary number for an average person. Indeed, the Internet and youtube have a great knack of turning the ordinary into the celebrity, purely from exposure. Thus, because their fame has come about from youtube, their fame is entirely dependant on Youtube, making it ‘controlled’ by the mass media.

This is obviously completely different for those celebrities not dependant on Youtube, or ‘real’ celebrities as I would like to put it, who haven’t just uploaded a video of them being stupid or getting hurt. Justin Bieber might be extremely popular on Youtube, but also has many other fields of Media in which he is seen as well.

I believe that because the Internet is so widespread and controlling over the world in the 21st Century, people are bound to become a product of it as they become a celebrity through their own creative efforts. However when this occurs, they instantaneously remain within the system, controlled by this mass media.

Oh and the Star Wars Kid was constantly bullied about that video, and sued the families of four boys at his school for the harassment and derision he received. It’s almost strange to think that the Star War Kid had a life outside of that video, don’t you think.

It’s like that video was his entirety, that youtube had completely controlled his whole life.

Finally, purely for your entertainment, I suggest you watch this South Park video. It basically is a spoof of all the popular youtube videos in one room, waiting to collect their money for their popularity. Absolutely classic South Park.

Be Happy

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