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Facebook photos

I’ve got a bit of a pet hate on Facebook. Actually, I have a few of them. One of which is people who make too many status updates, and that bugs me to no end.

yet my biggest gripe is when people put wayy too many photos of an event on Facebook. Now everyone likes to look at photos, and have a bit of a stalk, but to put over 100 for one night seems a bit excessive. I’m not going to single anyone out, but one girl uploaded 82 photos of a group of them drinking before the actual event. They hadn’t even got to their destination, and they had taken 82 photos for a bout 5 of them. And this wasn’t a fancy formal or anything, just a standard party.

To me, this seems like she is putting on a show, instead of actually enjoying a good time. With all the effort of looking good for each photo she is detracting from actually enjoying herself in the moment. She has to make sure that all her fun is documented with photographic evidence.

Now I don’t want to sound sexist, but i think that a lot of girls are doing the same thing. Essentially they are living out their life through the Internet. With every single event of their life being put on Facebook, they are parading to all their friends that this is what they have been doing, and they were with these people. In a way i think it’s a way of putting on a popular exterior to the rest of the world, yet eventually it just seems to be a bit of over-exposure., as there are just way too many photos to keep track of.

Sometimes it feels that these photos are being taken just to put up on Facebook, to almost prove to people that you were there. Bit ridiculous I think.

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