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The Internet: A Tool for Procrastination

So as SWOTVAC has come and gone, and exams are starting to roll around, are we still all finding ourselves with an absolute heap of work to do?

I guarantee about 90% of you are saying yes. Why would that be? One word, procrastination. Defined as  the act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of low-priority, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time, it is the single greatest pastime of a University student.

Now a great tool for procrastination is undoubtedly the Internet. Before the Internet, who knows what people would procrastinate with. Maybe Newton was sitting under that tree putting off his next essay when the apple fell on his head. Yeah that’s not a bad way to procrastinate, but Youtube is a hell of a lot better. One video leads to another, and suddenly and hour has gone past, and then you have to check Facebook (because its Facebook), and you see a link for a video which looks good. And then an hour goes past, and you realise you haven’t checked Facebook for a while.

Let’s be honest, for all the great things that the Internet has brought us, it has brought us so many pointless crap that is just a complete time-waster. Facebook and Youtube are great in theory, but much of the time they aren’t used for good, but procrastination. As a University student, I rely heavily on my computer to do work, yet I find myself wasting time as hours go down the drain, while I stalk people’s Facebook and check the football scores for the 45th time.

Why must it come to this? Why can’t we focus on the task at hand? Why do I still have an essay to write and it’s due tomorrow?

Whilst it’s great to blame the Internet, and while that is partly true, I think that we as University students are the problem. The Internet is like peer pressure: It might be a bad influence, but in the end your the one doing it.

And finally, if you want some tools for procrastination, enjoy these videos and their related links:


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